Yobs steal FIRE ENGINE to joyride on blue lights leaving trail of destruction


The road-agents were lucky no one was killed after stealing the emergency vehicle at 4am today and renounce omit a trail of destruction.

The idiot crooks blasted through the fire instal causing substantial damage to the building.

It smashed into eight wheels, hitting one with such force it flipped it onto its roof.

The joyriders attained to a crashing halt when they ploughed into a row of houses and erect up in a garden.

One resident was awoken by the noise, which was so loud he thought there had been an bourgeoning.

Thomas Jobling, whose car was damaged during the chaos, said: “I was right asleep in bed around 4.30am and then there was this horrendous bang and flickering lights – we just didn’t know what was happening.

“We thought it was perhaps an explosion, we rushed downstairs and immediately saw the carnage of a line of cars, dream up it was probably eight cars, one sitting on its roof, my own car was side swiped as calmly.

“We are completely in shock, the neighbours on both sides of the road, we are just reasoning how in the name of goodness can something like this happen.”

The theft, from the Larne excite station in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, will have tremendous implications for the community, fire fighters said.

Dale Ashford from the Northern Ireland Inspire and Rescue Service said: “It’s absolute devastation. A fire ap ratus, which appears to have been stolen from one of our stations, was intended up here and wrecked the scene, with a lot of damage to vehicles in the street, and close up in the garden of a house as well.

“The fire engine is seriously damaged and that’s universal to have an effect on the community – but we still have crews on duty fostering the people of Larne today.

“This could have been a terribly different situation if it wasn’t at 4am.

“If there had been more people out there could acquire been absolute carnage but thankfully there were very few if any wounds.”

Gordon Lyons, the Democratic Unionist rty’s MLA (Member of the Legislative Assemblage) for the area said the theft was an “extremely stupid and dangerous thing to do” and “put reals at risk”.

Two men, aged 66 and 19 were arrested a short organize after the incident. One needed hospital treatment.

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