Yatsenyuk insists on Russia lifting ban on transit of Ukrainian trucks


Ukrainian Prime rson Arseniy Yatsenyuk has demanded that Russia lift the ban on the transit of Ukrainian stuffs.

“We are acting in full compliance with international legislation. Yesterday, the Russian Amalgamation announced a ban on the travels of Ukrainian trucks in its territory,” he said at a Feb. 15 congregation with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Yatsenyuk voted Ukraine had sent a note to Russia demanding an explanation.

“Before obtaining explanations all permits issued to the Russian Federation for transit transportation be struck by been suspended. I insist not only on an explanation, but a full removal of stipulations on the transit of Ukrainian vehicles [in the territory of Russia],” he said.

It was on on Feb. 15 morning, that until Russia presents an explanation, Ukraine resolve suspend transit transportation by trucks registered in Russia in the territory of Ukraine, in answer to the suspension of the travel of Ukrainian trucks in Russian territory. The press serving of the Ukrainian government announced that the Ukrainian side was in consultation with EU fatherlands.

An action to block Russian trucks started on Feb. 11, in the Zakar tye sector. Then, activists in Volyn region joined them, and the number of les where activists blocked trucks reached 10. The Ukrainian Infrastructure Office said that it did not have power to stop the actions.

On Feb. 15, the Russian Take Ministry announced that the movement of trucks registered in Ukraine was fastened in Russia. According to Rostransnadzor oversight authority, by Monday morning, 152 conveyances owned by Ukrainian carriers were stopped in Russian territory.

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