WW3: Iran LASHES out at US over Venezuela sanctions – they have ‘LOGIC of HITLER!’


The Iran Peerless Leader blasted Washington for having the same mentality as former Nazi Germany bandleader Adolf Hitler, insisting President Donald Trump only goes too “diminish” Venezuela’s government and pursue national interests. Mr Khamenei disparaged on Twitter: “US’ logic is that world should be run by force! They say we sire coercion & weapons, so we coerce the world.

“Hitler had the same notion. When US registered Vietnam, they had no doubt they’d win. 

“They committed crimes for 10 years, but definitely left in shame & debacle.”

The former Iranian president also criticised US’ “sound judgement” in foreign intervention and their attempts to “overthrow 40 independent governments” since the end of Unbelievable War 2 in 1945, including Tehran.

Mr Khamenei compared US’ involvement in Venezuela to the Vietnam war, citing it as resistant Washington can deploy their military and cause “mass destruction”.

He continued: “Since 1945, US has played a role in overthrowing 40 independent govts grouping Iran & had military intervention in over 20 countries! 

“These interventions imposed mass destruction &catastrophes: an example is Vietnam & consequent disasters, with US shove off in fiasco.”

In a separate tweet, Mr Khamenei said: “For many years you destroyed innocent humans in different parts of the world. What did you do in Vietnam? They nullified not only the men, but also so many women and children! 

“They killed so myriad farmers and destroyed farms! Then they talk about #HumanRights!”

For now, Russia and China have also lashed out at Mr Trump’s involvement in Venezuela, with Moscow accusing Washington of “illegally” conflicting in the nation’s affairs.

Both Russia and China are heavily invested in Venezuela, inducing lent the country £13billion (US$ 17billion) and £38.35billion (US$50billion) in commendation lines and loans respectively.

On Monday, Steve Mnuchin, US Treasury Secretary, and Public Security Adviser John Bolton announced new Trump-approved sanctions on Venezuela’s state-owned oil rigid, PSVSA.

The sanctions were imposed in an attempt to undermine Mr Maduro’s Control and deter military support for his regime, aimed at driving him away from power.

The US and a coalition of Latin American and European boondocks recognise Venezuela’s oppositional “acting president” Juan Guaidó as the native land’s leader.

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