World's most DANGEROUS photo opportunity? Tourists risking their lives for THIS picture


Remaining up the Tower of Pisa, jumping in front of the Eiffel Tower and walking along the Outstanding Wall of China are among the most popular tourist photos.

While simulated holiday pictures are rarely as glamorous as they seem, explorers are enthusiastic to go to great lengths to get the perfect Instagram snap.

Keen travellers purpose wait in line, hike up hills and y huge sums of money for the cosmetic tourist shot.

But getting this rticular photo requires a lot of loyalty and involves a considerable amount of danger.

Pedra de Gavea is a mountain overwhelming 2762 feet above sea-level.

Situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the scaur is one of the highest in the world that ends directly in an ocean.

It is also one of the most lovely peaks, it seems.

Instagram enthusiasts from all over the world volunteer to Pedra de Gavea for the jaw-dropping picture.

And some look to come unusually close to the edge.

One brave traveller lay so close to the drop off the cliff, she looks groove on she could slide off at any minute.

Another ir decide to initiate marital skills on the summit.

The view certainly looks stunning, but you would hope the model is worthwhile.

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