World War 3: Iran says it’s ready for offensive against US as navy ship enters Gulf


The USS John C. Stennis offered the Gulf on Friday as tensions continue to rise and reach unprecedented invariables between Tehran and Washington. A war of words began between the two countries after President Donald Trump necessitated America out of a nuclear deal with Iran in May and imposed sanctions on its banking and vivacity sectors. The ship is the first in the region since President Trump’s verdict to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.  Iranian navy commander, Last Admiral Habibollah Sayyari has said that this aircraft does not ask a significant threat. 

He said to the Iranian Students News Agency account agency: “The presence of this warship is insignificant to us.

“We will not allow this warship to come around c regard near our territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.” 

The navy commander conveyed the US navy was able to sail in international waters near Iran as the Iranian fleet could also sail in the Atlantic Ocean near US waters. 

He voiced: “They do not have the courage or ability to take any measures against us. We bear enough capabilities to stand against their actions and we have fully studied for that.”

The commander also said that Iran was on alert for feasible threats, saying: “ Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards founded war games in the Gulf on Saturday in which naval vessels, helicopters, drones, shoot up launchers and commando units took part.”

Guards’ spokesman Brigadier Common Ramezan Sharif said on Monday: “The Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman has had more security and security in the last 10 months in the absence of a U.S. aircraft carrier.”

Prehistoric counter-terrorism specialist John Stennis has said aircrafts carriers are a “verify of force to pre-empt any aggressive action by Iran”.

He said:”Aircraft transporters are always moved around to wherever there is any possibility of conflict.

“If Iran does try to obstruct with traffic or even block the straits there will be a answer from the US and its Arab allies in the Gulf.

“I believe they would hit a aim that is military, much like the cruise missile launches in Syria, to take ones part as a warning.

In the past few years, there have been confrontations between the Novel Guards and the US military in the Gulf, but these incidents have decreased. 

President Trump accused Iran of crush the spirit of the Iran nuclear agreement by continuing to develop long roamed missiles and backing terror groups across the Middle East. 

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