Woolly mammoth traps full of bones found in Mexico


Mexican anthropologists say they be dressed found two human-built pits dug 15,000 years ago to trap mammoths.

Researchers from Mexico’s Chauvinistic Institute of Anthropology and History said Wednesday the pits were establish during excavations on land that was to be used as a garbage dump.

The troughs filled with bones from at least 14 mammoths were originate in the neighbourhood of Tultepec, just north of Mexico City. Some of the animals were manifestly butchered.

The pits were about 1.70 metres deep and 25 metres in diameter. The league said hunters may have chased mammoths into the traps. Stay behinds of two other species that disappeared in the Americas — a horse and a camel — were also originate.

It was unclear if plans for the dump would proceed.

Woolly mammoth traps full of bones found in Mexico
These are some of the balances of at least 14 mammoth specimens found in the traps. (Jose Mendez/EPA-EFE)

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