Women linked to the Kinahans and the Hutches warned by gardai over their safety

Vicky Dempsey, the former rtner of gangster 'Fat' Freddie Thompson, is said to have no involvement in crime

Vicky Dempsey, the previous rtner of gangster ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson, is said to have no involvement in misdemeanour

A special investigation has established that over 30 of these rtners are linked to the gang associated with feud murder victims Gary Hutch and his uncle, Eddie Hutch Snr.

Gardai have on the agenda c trick also established the identities of more than 20 women who comprise links to the Kinahan gang, which is suspected of murdering Gary and Eddie Hutch Snr.

In up to date weeks, a number of the women have been warned by gardai upon threats against their lives because of their relationship with manful gang members.

It is understood that women linked to both sets have been given official warnings from gardai.

Beginnings have revealed that the age profiles of the women involved range from fiances in their mid-teens to great-grandmothers in their 70s.

We can reveal:

• Among the women that gardai take established are linked to the Hutch mob are the mother and girlfriend of one of the suspected Regency Lodging gunmen. He is believed to have been one of the criminals disguised as a garda and armed with a poisonous AK-47.

• One north inner city woman, who has been identified as an associate of the Hutch combine, is said to have a thological hatred of gardai. Another woman aligned to the Hutch crowd is a serial shoplifter.

• Gardai have identified that senior cartel colleague Daniel Kinahan is involved in a relationship with a woman who was closely associated with famous north city drug dealer Michael ‘Micka’ Kelly. He was snapshot dead in a machine gun attack in 2011.

• Detectives have been monitoring ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson’s one-time rtner Vicky Dempsey (35) – but they are satisfied that she has no involvement whatsoever in the boring feud.

Since the shocking murder of gangster David Byrne in the Regency Hotel upwards four weeks ago, gardai have mounted a number of special intelligence agents to ensure the safety of the women, many of whom have no involvement in offence.

It has emerged that women associated with the Hutch mob are under the greatest portent. This follows the brutal slaying of Eddie Hutch Snr on February 8, indicating that the vie with faction were pre red to target anybody with the surname Hutch.

With this in be firm, detectives have drawn up a special safety plan in relation to the dozens of sweethearts who have connections to the gangs. “This means that gardai are au fait of their addresses and the vehicles they use and who exactly they are related to or in a relationship with,” a creator said. “Thankfully, no women have been targeted in this contention so far. A big reason for this is that gardai have been constantly overseeing their safety.

“A lot of the armed check points, which have been manifest in the city over the st number of weeks, have been anxious with that,” a source said.

Prominent women that be experiencing been identified as being linked to the Hutch mob are the mother and girlfriend of an assassin who is suspected of being implicated in the Regency attack on February 5. The man was rt of the six-man kill crew which stormed the hotel – he was one of the “fake gardai” armed with an AK-47.

He is also the chief suspicious in the botched murder attempt on Kinahan gang member Liam Roe at the Red Cow Tourist house last November. He is also suspected of involvement in the murder of ul Kavanagh up to date April.

A number of women linked to the Regency Hotel hitman who put on fancy dress in drag have also been identified by gardai. This man was photographed levanting the hotel with a handgun and dressed in women’s clothing with a wig and arrangement.

A number of the Hutch mob women have criminal convictions, including for shoplifting and larceny offences. One woman has a “deeply personal” hatred of gardai due to a previous distressing incident.

On the other side, gardai have identified that Daniel Kinahan is now in a relationship with a mistress closely associated with one of the country’s most psychotic criminals ‘Micka’ Kelly. Kelly, who was identified as ‘The nda’, was shot dead by Vincent Ryan’s IRA faction near her institution in September, 2011. Vincent Ryan was shot dead as he sat in his car in Finglas a week ago – his liquidation is being linked to ‘Mr Big’, an associate of Kelly.

Kinahan and this woman are given to meet both in Dublin and S in. Their relationship has confirmed abyssal connections between the Kinahan mob and a major drug gang based in north Dublin.

It is fancied that they have been an “item” for a number of months and Daniel is be versed to shower the glamorous woman with expensive gifts.

‘Micka’ Kelly was coupled to a number of gruesome murders before he was shot dead.

Sources commanded that gardai have been monitoring ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson’s prior rtner Vicky Dempsey (35).

The mother-of-one is of interest because of her relationship with Thompson and also because of the precarious links that her brother, Karl Dempsey (37), has to the Kinahan cartel.

In the face her associate’s links to major organised criminality, Vicky “always take a shots to stay out of it all”, according to a source.

Sources say gardai do not have the same judgement of a number of other women who are strongly linked to the cartel.

“Unlike most of the popsies linked to the Hutch gang, many of the [Kinahan] cartel women are varied flashy and seem to enjoy far more lavish lifestyles than handmaidens from the other grouping, who mostly live in north inner see flat complexes and have relatively frugal lifestyles,” a source bid.

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