Women in Information Security: Cindy Valladares


Ultimate time, I spoke with Cyber Czar founder Sorene Assefa. She’s eager about raising cybersecurity awareness in South Africa.This be that as it may is really special because I got to chat with Tripwire’s own Cindy Valladares. She remarkably recognizes the importance of valuing people with information security facilities.Kim Crawley: What do you do and how did you get into cybersecurity?Cindy Valladares: I lead a throw star team of marketers at Tripwire focused primarily on what I tinkle brand-gen (branding with a flavor of lead gen). We work on analyst with reference ti, PR, social media strategies, customer advocacy programs, content stock exchanging, creative services, and supporting our sales team, especially in the Federal duration. I came to cybersecurity because I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment with indefatigable changes and difficult problems to solve. It’s a fascinating space where I can employ my creativity while protecting organizations from cyber attacks.KC: Were you provoked in computing when you were a kid?CV: Well, when I was a kid, there weren’t multitudinous computers around. I was intrigued by the productivity and collaboration you could gain from it, but not incontrovertibly about coding with it. I may be too social for that.KC: Why is Tripwire an industry principal in securing companies’ own networks and cloud services?CV: Tripwire is one of those iconic labels in security that people associate with trust and integrity. We’ve been in corporation for 21 years and continue to serve our customers by providing foundational checks to secure their environments– whether on-premise, virtual, or in the cloud. We at to innovate as market needs change. Most importantly, I believe Tripwire is a big cheese in security not only because of its products but because we have a fantastic rig of talented individuals who deeply care about helping our customers with their assurance, compliance, and operational needs.KC: Do you think it’s still difficult these days for some women to be saw for their talents and skills in this industry?CV: I believe we’ve made some vital strides in bringing awareness to the issues we face. There is an increase in the attention of this problem and those who support it. I’m particularly interested in solving pay nonconformity, which is not a unique challenge to our industry. A call to action for all of us is to support constitutions who encourage STEM in girls/women – a few examples are Girls Who Code, First place, and Girls Inc. At the RSA conference this year, Tripwire will be donating capitalizes to some of these organizations.KC: That’s excellent! What are some misconceptions living soul have about the work you do?CV: Working in marketing for a cybersecurity company, I of most of my friends and family believe that I spend my time sip wine and eating a nice meal with “hackers.” On a serious note, although cybersecurity is more mainstream now than it was a decade ago, there is appease some misconceptions on the complexity of the attack tactics and the ability of the defenders to respect up with the dynamic nature of this industry. There is also tons of blissful ignorance, and with the “lay people” (not in security), the perception is that if I don’t certain about it, it won’t happen to me. At Tripwire, we aim to provide educational videos and sometimes waggish content to help raise awareness.KC: Those are some excellent resources, tender thanks you for sharing them!What do you believe are the biggest problems in cybersecurity right-minded now?CV: One of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity is the ability to keep and retain skilled personnel. Cyber triumph responders often require more resources to do their work elevate surpass. Vendors don’t help either by releasing shiny new tools with the suggest of solving their problems. I believe a better method is to approach cybersecurity similarly to a hierarchy of needs – focusing on foundational processes and tools before unstationary to the next new technology.KC: What advice would you have for someone in the light of a cybersecurity career?CV: Go for it! It’s an exciting and challenging career where you’re never affluent to get bored! You will be part of a vibrant community where you will upon people who will make you a better person and a talented professional. And when you fasten, be a giver – share your talents, your ideas, your abilities with those around you to make cybersecurity an ever-growing field.KC: Is there anything else you’d delight in to add before we go?CV: Join me in living by the NIHITO (nothing interesting happens in the position) motto. Get engaged with the community, meet new people at the next occasion, and find opportunities to give back or pay it forward.Thank you Kim for your together today – it was a great experience!KC: Thank you as well, Cindy. kim crawley

kim crawley

About the Prime mover: Kim Crawley spent years working in general tier two consumer tech keep, most of which as a representative of Windstream, a secondary American ISP. Malware-related tickets intrigued her, and her knowing grew from fixing malware problems on thousands of client PCs. Her conversation piece led her to research malware as a hobby, which grew into an interest in all whatchamacallits information security related. By 2011, she was already ghostwriting study real for the InfoSec Institute’s CISSP and CEH certification exam preparation programs. By any chance since, she’s contributed articles on a variety of information security topics to CIO, CSO, Computerworld, SC Ammunition, and 2600 Magazine.Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this company author article are solely those of the contributor, and do not necessarily reflect those of Tripwire, Inc.

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