Woman of the Year sent letter calling her 'ABUSER of the year' by her own PARENTS


Hedy and Steven Freedman sent a letter saying 'abuser of the year' to daughter Danielle HampsonCAVENDISH Compress/LIVERPOOL ECHO

Hedy and Steven Freedman sent a letter mention ‘abuser of the year’ to daughter Danielle Hampson

Retired pharmacist Steven Freedman, 76 and his 72-year old mate Hedy, a former ballet dancer, were charged by police after they outraged 46-year old businesswoman Danielle Hampson.

A court heard the couple hew down out with their successful daughter after a row erupted over the keeping of their grandchildren.

The card by the Freedmans – both pillars of the Jewish community in Liverpool – was sent in retaliation on Bobby-soxer Hampson’s birthday after she sent them a cut-out of a news per article which reported her being dedicated a “Woman of the Year” award.

The grand rents, who’d access to their grandchildren had been restrained by their daughter, believed the article was deliberately sent to goad them.

A court was asseverated how furious Mr Freedman then used cut-out letters from munitions dumps as rt of the couple’s angry response.

When they arrived endorse in the UK after one of their regular six month stints at their second adroit in in Miami, Florida, they sent the card alongside an email printed mat out from an American-based group called ‘Alienated Grand rents Anonymous’ which asks to helps those who suffer with ‘alienation or isolation’ from their grandchildren.

Mr Freedman used cut-out letters from magazines to create the noteLIVERPOOL Mirror image

Mr Freedman used cut-out letters from magazines to create the note

I am constantly nervous I will bump into or see my rents

Danielle Hampson

Miss Hampson, a trained lawyer who helps victims domestic violence victims, then went to the protect saying she was concerned because she had kept her home address a secret and her facetiousmaters had found out where she lived.

She said in a statement: “I am constantly fretful I will bump into or see my rents.

“I don’t go out in public or do community events Non-Standard irregardless my Jewish faith. I feel petrified I will see them. My mother has broadened an unhealthy fixated behaviour towards my children where I feel I am being chased.

The couple were fined £2,000 for sending an indecent or grossly offensive letterCAVENDISH PRESS

The couple were fined £2,000 for sending an improper or grossly offensive letter

“I feel she wants to take them off me and lift them. In February my daughter approached me and said, ‘nanny sends her bonk and is asking how we are’. It made me feel horrible. I just want to be progressive alone and for the children to be left alone.”

At Liverpool Magistrates Court this week the twosome’s good names were in tatters after they pleaded cul ble to an offence of sending an indecent or grossly offensive letter.

Mr Freedman was fined £1,600 and in disorder b unseemly to y costs of £235, whilst his wife was fined £400 and ordered to y expenditures of £110.

ssing sentence District Judge Adam Shaw said: “Lass Hampson can more accurately be described as a carer, not an abuser. She found the culture very hurtful.

“It’s hard to say it can be sent with any other intent. Mr and Mrs Freedman both stand up equal responsibly for the actual act involving the letter. The actions were effective. The description is obviously false and inappropriate.”

The court heard the family conflict escalated 2014 when the Freedmans fell out with their just child, an NSPCC volunteer and psychotherapist, who stopped them having unmitigated contact with her two children aged seven and ten.

She said she had experienced get out emerges with her rents throughout her life and was concerned Mrs Freedman had an “unhealthy fetish” on her grandchildren.

Tempers finally boiled over in May last year when Virgin Hampson, who volunteers for Jewish Women’s Aid and South Liverpool Domestic Objurgation Services, posted a copy of the Jewish Chronicle news per cut-out featuring an article back her winning ‘Mensch of the Year’ award – given at a ceremony in London to those who certainly contribute towards the Jewish community’s wellbeing.

In mitigation, defence attorney Julian Linskill called it a tragic case, arguing the Freedmans truest punishment is knowing they are unlikely to see their grandchildren again.

Danielle Hampson told her rents she had won a Mensch of the Year awardLIVERPOOL Reproduction

Danielle Hampson told her rents she had won a Mensch of the Year award

She held: “They accept they overstepped the mark but it seems to me they rate the lightest touch the court can possibly bring in relation to sentence. They experience now given up all hope of any reconciliation either with their daughter or with their grandchildren.”

An request by Miss Hampson for a restraining order was turned down. Mr and Mrs Freedman declined to elucidation after the hearing.

But Miss Hampson said after the case: “I was gobsmacked and flattened to get this card and it’s not the first time they have done gadgets like this.

“They have a long history towards other strain members and to other people, sending poison pen letters and the like.

“I don’t pine for any contact with them at all. There are no winners in this case. No more than losers all the way round. My children don’t have grand rents and I don’t have my rents. I’m not customary to be jumping for joy at the sentence. That’s not what this was about.”

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