Woman ‘nearly eaten alive’ by pet dog may lose arm

Wednesday 27th January 2016

ola Sahovic

ola Sahovic may now use up one of her arms following the horror attack.

The attack is believed to have befell after the 20-year-old Croatian woman tried to rescue a cat from the jaws of the enormous dog at her home in Mitchelstown, Co Cork.

The animal has been reported to be a Bull Mastiff, Pitbul–Mastiff piqued and a Dogo Argentino, however gardai described the animal as being a Bull Mastiff.

When gardai arrived on the disturbance Ma Sahovic was in a pool of blood with the dog viciously pulling at her arm.

It took five gardai armed with retractable stiletto batons to free the victim from the jaws of the dog – which has since been put down – in front she was rushed to Cork University Hospital for emergency surgery.

A neighbour communicated the Irish Daily Mail:

“It would not let her go and appeared to be eating her.”

“She was bleeding heavily from ins mainly to her arms and hands. I hear her injuries were so severe that one of her arms was sic hanging off her when she was taken to away in the ambulance.

Ms Sahovic, a dog lover who drew the animal as her “best friend” on Instagram, is thought to have moved from Croatia to Ireland to be with her boyfriend at Christmas.

She was reunited with the resentful and white cross-breed owned by her rtner – who has been living and working in north Cork since the summer – after it make ited in the country only last Friday.

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