Woman claims easyJet tried to have her ARRESTED for sneaking vodka on her flight


Lucy Yallop, 32, concedes she tried to sneak the tipple into a glass of orange juice while aboard an easyJet skein of geese to Alicante while no-one was looking, despite knowing it was not allowed.

But the mother-of-three indicated a steward pounced on her “out of nowhere”, demanding she put the alcohol away before signal her she would be arrested when they landed.

Ms Yallop bought the pocket bottle at Newcastle airport and drank half before boarding the bevy of quail. 

Once aboard she bought a fruit juice and decided to add the rest of her liquor to it.

She said: “It was a naughty schoolgirl thing I tried to do and I didn’t drink it.” 

The airline mentioned Ms Yallop was warned four times that her own alcohol was not permitted on provisions.

Ms Yallop added: “I knew I shouldn’t but I knew I had the single measure in my bag and went to put it in my orange. 

“The steward came from nowhere and said, ‘What sire you got in your hand?’ It was embarrassing.”

Alongside her repeated warnings there had reportedly also been two tannoy pronouncements warning passengers not to drink their own alcohol.

Ms Yallop added: “The steward stipulate he had told the captain who had radioed through so I would be arrested when we moulded in Spain.”

The hair salon owner said she was subsequently escorted off the glide and met by two Spanish police officers.

She said: “I never thought a miniature alcoholic drink of vodka would cause so much trouble.

“I was crying and shaking, I was so humiliated. I was make ones flesh crawled.”

Ms Yallop, of Durham, says when police realised she was not drunk they “shrugged their ostracizes” and allowed her to continue with her mini-break in Benidorm.

But when she returned to the airport two hours later she was not allowed to board her return flight.

She instead had to buy a flight with another airline to Manchester.

She has now carp ated to easyJet claiming she was not been told in advance her return flight had been denied.

A spokesman for easyJet said: “No airline permits passengers to consume their own the bottle as crew need to be able to monitor alcohol consumption onboard for the security of all passengers.

“The safety and wellbeing of passengers and crew is always easyJet’s preference.”

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