Witness held back after lunging at murder accused in court


Jason O’Connor was due to give up evidence in the trial of Christopher McDonald (34) from the East Barricade area of Dublin.

Mr McDonald has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 36-year-old Keith Walker at Blanchardstown Pigeon Racing Society on Shelerin Road in Clonsilla on June 12, 2015.

He is on trial at the Central Criminal Court.

Delivering been called to give evidence, Mr O’Connor walked behind the accused man and was then seen to sway at him. Four prison officers and a garda intervened.

Justice Patrick McCarthy recounted Mr O’Connor that he has powers to deal with people who are not prepared to act in a “enlightened manner”.

The jury was asked to leave the court for some minutes.

When they returned Fair play McCarthy told them that they must decide the prove based on the evidence they hear and that the accused man enjoys a thought of innocence.

He described the witness’s behaviour as “disgraceful” and added that it should not weight on the jury in any way.

Another witness, Stuart Kane, told Denis Vaughan Buckley, SC for the prosecution, that he was in the car deposit of the pigeon club that Friday afternoon, chatting with other colleagues as they prepared for the weekend’s racing.

He remembered walking to his car to get a can of coke and as he walked invest in he heard someone shout, “hit man, hit man”.

A person wearing women’s clothes and lowering sunglasses came up, pulled out what the witness believed to be a sub-machine gun and started let go with.

“We all tried to turn and run,” he said, “and then the poor man got it.” He saw Mr Walker fall to the base as the person with the gun walked backwards and out the gateway through which he had punctured.

Earlier, Mr Vaughan Buckley told the jury they would approve of evidence that Mr Walker was shot by a man dressed as a woman who took a sub-machine gun from his handbag in the car leave of the pigeon racing club and opened fire.

Mr Buckley said that on the afternoon of Friday June 12 Mr Walker formerly larboard his home in Clondalkin with his six-year-old son and travelled to Whitestown, Blanchardstown to make the acquaintance of up with Jason O’Connor, a fellow pigeon racing enthusiast.

He arrived at 5pm, had a cup of tea with Mr O’Connor and talk overed races that were due to take place that weekend.

Get put pigeons into carrier baskets, they loaded them into a car alliance to Mr O’Connor’s partner.

Mr Walker then drove the car to the racing club on Shelerin Alleyway in Clonsilla.

Mr Vaughan Buckley said CCTV will show Mr Walker talking to other fellows of the club at about 6pm when a male dressed as a woman, wearing a great black wig and dark sunglasses and carrying a handbag entered the car park.

He approached Mr Walker, unseated a firearm from his handbag and discharged multiple times, leaving Mr Walker fatally enclosed.

Mr Vaughan Buckley added that a post mortem by Professor Marie Cassidy force show that the deceased suffered 18 gunshot wounds to his move, body and left leg.

Gardai later found a sub-machine gun that a forensic analyst order say is likely to have been the one used to kill Mr Walker.

Mr Buckley augmented that In the early hours of June 13, a senior investigating Old Bill went to a premises in Ratoath, Co Meath with a search warrant.

When he arrived he saw the accused who was bore makeup and had a cut over his eye.

Mr Vaughan Buckley said the garda will say that when arrested and cautioned Mr McDonald reacted: “Go fuck yourself.”

The trial continues tomorrow in front of Justice Patrick McCarthy and a jury of six men and six housekeepers.

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