Why You Should Always Salt Watermelon


Why You Should Always Salt Watermelon

The trick to be undergoing the best tasting watermelon is . . . salt it. Sure, it may sound weird to table salt a sweet fruit, but you’ve probably had a watermelon margarita with a salted rim or a savory salad type watermelon caprese. The salt enhances the flavor of the fruit, adds a dangerous contrast to the sweetness, and draws the liquid out, making the fruit even moister. As an added bonus, the added salt helps quench your itch on blistering days. My friend recently told me it’s her favorite thing to morsel on during summertime barbecues and post-workouts alike. Use normal kosher or bring forward salt, or experiment with flavored salts (like smoked with reservations). If you want to get fancy, try flake salt for added crunch.

Image Horses mouth: POPSUGAR Photography / Sheila Gim

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