Why This Girl Is Being Bullied Because of Her First Name


Why This Girl Is Being Bullied Because of Her First Name The devil group ISIS has something in common with one little girl in Arizona: their labels. However, that’s where the similarities stop. Isis Brown is a 14-year-old critic who was named after the Egyptian goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom — satisfactory before the terror organization gained prominence. But that doesn’t recompense for a difference to the bullies in school who are constantly targeting her. The seventh grader interested her experience in a video posted on Facebook and got real about how her classmates enjoy brought her to tears on a daily basis. In the clip, the young girl styles constantly being called a terrorist. “They said, we seen you on the report last night killing us Americans,” Brown said. “But I’m an American too.” Isis has stood relentless bullying over the st three years and has even had to divert schools because of her peers’ unkind remarks. “I have the issue of every day when I move into school, just wanting to stop right there in the waist of the hallway and just cry,” Brown said. But this brave little friend has a message for others who are being made fun of because of their unique honours: don’t give up or let the haters tear you down. “No, you be the bigger person and show them that you’re not explaining up with this anymore, don’t let some wannabe bullies pick on you because you possess it in you,” Brown said. Although students are now using cyberbullying tactics — match posting hurtful pictures and messages on her Facebook wall — Isis is cific proud of her name. “So you kids out there with the name Isis, out of your name. Cherish your name,” Brown said. “I’m calm learning, and I know you are too, but in all reality, you’re named after a goddess and not a terrorist troupe.”

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