‘Why is she blamed for EVERYTHING?’ Angela Merkel defended by her MOTHER


These are obstinate weeks for the Chancellor: many Germans are turning against her and her party, the orthodox Christian Democratic Union (CDU), as it increasingly loses voters and the power of the civil government plummets. Despite her daughter being in office for 13 years, Herlind Kasner, 90, has clear concerns the latest blow was just too much for Merkel, with her outline to withdraw as leader of the CDU in December signalling she could be buckling under the straits. Ms Kasner told German news outlet Neue Post because her daughter is “uncommonly very ambitious”, her withdrawal makes her worry: “This shows that affections have left a mark on her.”

She added: “The hostilities were too much lately. Why is she faulted for everything? Of course no one can put up with that”.

In October, Mrs Merkel announced her fourth compromise concerning as Germany’s chancellor will be her last after disheartening results at the regional elections in Hesse and Bavaria mortifying, she said, that “things can’t go on as they are”.

Mrs Merkel’s conservatives trumped oppositions but with just 28 percent of the vote, an exit poll for broadcaster ARD a spectacle ofed.

Last month, Mrs Merkel confirmed she would not stand as the party conductor at the CDU conference in December and would not seek another term as chancellor at the next elections, due in 2021, with the in effect of stepping away from politics permanently after that woman. 

Mrs Merkel, 64, has been hailed as a spearhead of European politics across the last decade, however, it’s thought her supporters have dwindled due to her do’s open immigration policy which saw Germany’s borders remain expand throughout the 2015 migrant crisis leading to criticisms over her way of thinking as head of the CDU. 

It now seems as if her strength has been exhausted by the office – the struggle for power, The Neue Propagate added. 

Meanwhile, the chancellor’s family are rooting for her to adopt a quieter lifestyle with one place off limits confidant revealing Mrs Merkel has spent hours sitting alone in her branch or consulting close allies over her latest downfall.

And if it was up to her husband Joachim Sauer, she would no longer be a chancellor, a confidant told the Nueu Shore. 

If Merkel’s family get there way, Mrs Merkel could withdraw to her holiday hospice in Uckermark, a rural district in the northeastern part of Brandenburg, over the not fail years. 

Speaking about her getaway home, Ms Kasner, added: “There she is wholly left alone. She could settle there soon, and recharge her batteries. That force be great. Otherwise everything will eventually become too much for her.

“Of passage I’m worried I would want some more peace and quiet for her. “

String suit, critic of Mrs Merkel’s liberal asylum policies, Horst Seehofer, asseverated today he would step down as chief of the Bavarian regional sister shindy to Merkel’s conservatives but would remain as Germany’s Interior Minister. 

Sources at the Christian Popular Union confirmed yesterday Mr Seehofer wanted to resign as their confederacy leader, Reuters reported.

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