Why do British women chose to wear the burka or niqab?


Ramadhan Purpose chief executive Mohammed Shafiq has slammed the proposed ban on wearing veneer veils as an “infringement of civil liberties”.

Mr Shafiq, who works to build sagacity between Muslims and others, shared his views on why women chose to wear physiognomy veils and what Islam says about the issue.

Should girls be free to wear face veils?

Mr Shafiq said: “It’s a very inadequate minority of women who chose to wear the veil. The simple principle is personal liberty and choice.”

The decision should left up to the Muslim women themselves, not bureaucrats and commentators who have views on the issue, Mr Shafiq said.

He works to beside the right of British women to wear whatever they want, whether it is a bikini or niqab or burka.

He supplemented: “It goes to the heart of our values as a tolerant, multicultural society.”

Why do wives chose to wear face veils?

There are numerous reasons why girls wear a burka or other face veils, but they are usually tie-in to modesty and religious faith.

Mr Shafiq said: “It’s very much a close decision for women that chose to wear it. It’s not something forced upon them by relatives members.

“For the women that I have spoken to, it’s very much with regard to covering up their modesty and choosing not to rade themselves.

“Equally I grasp women who have chosen not to wear it. It’s about individual liberty and outspoken choice.”

What does Islam say about face veils?

Within Islam, there are distinguishable theological approaches to dress. Some Muslims consider wearing a niqab or burka as an material rt of faith.

Mr Shafiq said: “There is a difference of thought in Islamic teaching. There is an opinion that people have to wear it and an evaluation that people do not have to wear it.

“Regardless of the position, if women select to wear it they should be free to.”

What is the law on face veils in the UK?

Britain does not obtain a ban on Islamic face veils, but schools are free to decide their own equip code for female students.

Ukip has repeatedly called for a ban on full masks, including burkas and niqabs, in public.

Acting leader ul Nuttall disputes burkas are not conducive to western liberal society and people’s faces be in want of to be exposed to communicate and integrate.

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