‘Why are the British so ugly?’ The most common questions Europeans ask Google


The British are certainly a mystery to other Europeans, as Google is often flooded with an array of pumps about the nation.

Data from Google over the st year ventilated the most common searches made about the UK from users away in Europe.

And the results were very unflattering.

The Netherlands wanted to certain why British people were so ‘ugly’.

Users from Hungary time again asked why the English put milk in their tea.

Germans have frequently sought ‘why are the British so stupid?’

Italians searchers were curious as to why Brits were so ‘polluted’ and the Portuguese asked why the English were such ‘cry babies’.

The S nish don’t be included to ask a question, simply stating to Google that the English are ‘strange’.

Not all the searches were so discourteous.

Finland were curious as to why Britain were called Britain during the Olympics.

This confabulation comes after Americans revealed what they really contemplation about Brits.

Brits are fairly accustomed to the American way of life sometimes non-standard due ti to the infiltration of pop-culture and a healthy appetite for crossing the globe.

But it appears the yet can not be said for the other side.

American ex- ts have shared their appraisals about the UK on social sharing website Quora.

It turns out Marmite is not the solely thing they don’t agree with – here are the most bizarre rts of British good breeding as viewed by the outside world.

The question-answer site posed the topic, “What is it com rable to to be an American living in the United Kingdom?”

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