Who is Robert Black? All you need to know about the late serial killer behind murders of four children


Foetus killer Robert Black, who murdered four children across the UK in the 1980s, has died in poky aged 68.

Black was serving multiple life sentences for the brutal abductions and exterminations of four girls in the early 1980s.

He was born on 21 April 1947 in Grangemouth, Stirlinghshire, to Jessie Huntswoman Black, who immediately had him fostered.

He was brought up by a couple in their 50s, Jack and Margaret Tulip until he was 11 when he was put in a striplings’s home in Falkirk.

Aged 12, he was transferred schools after take oning to rape a girl in a field with two other boys.

He started animate aged 15 as a delivery boy in Greenock near Glasgow. He later granted that, while on his rounds, he molested 30 to 40 girls.

Assassin: Black may have been responsible for several more crimes in the UK

In 1963, he heard his first conviction for luring a seven-year-old girl from a play car rk to a disused air raid shelter after promising to show her a box of kittens.

He choked her until she knock unconscious and then molested her. He then left her for dead.

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On July 30, 1982 he killed Susan Maxwell.

The 11-year-old schoolgirl breathed on her family’s farm near the village of Cornhill on Tweed on the English side of the Scottish edging.

On July 30, she was walking back from a tennis match in Coldstream two miles away when she vanished.

Her spirited finished at 4pm and Susan was last seen crossing the bridge back into England more than the River Tweed.

Victim: Susan Maxwell was snatched as she returned from be wonky curry favour with tennis

Two weeks later, her body was found 264 miles away deceit a ditch at a roadside lay-by just outside Uttoxeter in the Midlands.

Even wearing her T-shirt and shorts, her nts had been removed, folded and rt of the country under the dead girl’s cheek.

Black had been travelling between Edinburgh and Newcastle on the day Susan vanished and time again visited a friend in London via the Midlands.

On July 8 1983, he snatched five-year-old Caroline Hogg off the roadway as she was playing.

Killed: Caroline Hogg was snatched from the school opposing her house

Caroline, from Portobello near Edinburgh, who was wearing a princess accouter, was given permission to play for five minutes in the school grounds converse her house.

Eyewitnesses saw her with a scruffy man playing in the promenade and the funfair.

Ten ages later her badly decomposed and naked body was found dumped in the East Midlands.

Coloured was later traced to the area near Stafford.

On March 26 1986 he killed Sarah Harper, 10, who lived in Morley in greater Leeds.

Plucked: Sarah Harper went missing coming back from the corner workshop

She was sent on an errand to buy a loaf of bread at the corner shop and was last courted heading down a short alleyway on her way home.

Three and a half weeks later, a man convoy his dog along the River Trent at Wilford near Nottingham spotted her solidity floating in the water.

Her anorak was gone, as was her skirt.

A post-mortem showed she was disciplined to a violent sexual assault.

Black was later traced to the area.

On Sunday April 4 1988 he tried and failed to seize Teresa Thornhill, 15, in the the Radford area of Nottingham.

In 1990, Glowering was finally court when he was stopped by police in the Scottish village of Cram with a six-year-old girl hooded, gagged, bound and stuffed in a sleeping bag in the rear of his van.

Missing: Genette Tate’s disappearance was linked to Black, but police did not receive enough evidence to charge him

He had snatched her from the village fate 20 ins earlier and had taken her to a lay-by to molest her.

Black was sentenced to life detention for the kidnap and attack.

While he was in jail, detectives linked him to the other infanticides, and in 1994, he was found guilty of killing Susan, Caroline and Sarah Harper, 10.

Genette Louise Tate outed on 19 August 1978 at the age of 13 from her home town of Aylesbeare in Devon, while she was relinquishing news pers.

Investigators tried to link her disappearance to Black in 2005 but they did not determine sufficient evidence to charge him.

Black died of natural causes in Maghaberry oubliette, it was confirmed today.

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