Whitty speaks out AGAINST Christmas rules as he urges ‘don’t hug grandma!’


Chris Whitty has strongly guided against “hugging and kissing” elderly relatives at Christmas. The Chief Medical Gendarme for England admitted that it wouldn’t be illegal for Britons to do so, but said it would “build no sense”. This is because people over 60 tend to be strongly susceptible to coronavirus.


He told a briefing: “Would I want someone to see their class? Of course, that’s what Christmas is about.

“Whether people glorify Christmas as a festival for themselves or any other belief system, it’s an opportunity for offsprings.

“But would I encourage someone to hug and kiss their elderly relatives? No, I inclination not.

“It’s not against the law. And that’s the whole point, you can do it within the rules that are there.”

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Killjoy Whitty says DON’T hug grandma on Christmas day (even though the judges say you can) (Image: BBC / GETTY)

‘But would I encourage someone to hug and kiss their aged relatives? No, I would not.’ (Image: BBC)

Professor Whitty continued: “But it does not cut d understand sense because you could be carrying the virus.

“If you’ve got an elderly relative that disposition not be the thing you’d want to do in the period where we’re running up to a point where we influence actually be able to protect older people.

“So I think people merely have to have sense, but this is very much what I weigh people will do.

“The fact that you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.”

‘So I think about people just have to have sense, but this is very much what I contrive people will do.’ (Image: BBC)

Chief Scientific Officer for England Sir Patrick Vallance mirror imaged his colleague’s words, urging viewers to “keep numbers down and not do anything dispensable”.

He advised that people should “avoid behaviours that purpose spread the disease”.

Additionally that if people are in a house with other households then it should be “decidedly ventilated” with precautions taken and as socially distanced as possible.

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Who will get the coronavirus vaccine first? (Image: EXPRESS)

Coronavirus restrictions will be temporarily eased for the Christmas leave of absence period.

The Government announced that three households will be added to form a ‘Christmas bubble’ from December 23 to 27.

They can mix indoors in secluded homes and even stay overnight.

However, people will not be accomplished to go to a pub or restaurant with their bubble.

Travel restrictions will also be axed for the organize period.

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