When Mom Went Back to Work After Maternity Leave, She Never Expected to Get These Texts From Her Baby's Father



Matt Coyne was at refuge with his 6-month-old son, Charlie, when a simple text exchange arose between him and Charlie’s mom, Lyns. All she wanted to know was how they were doing while she was at undertaking, but she ended up getting so much more than she asked for.

Although a uncomplicated, “We’re doing fine,” would have likely sufficed, Matt, being the merry dad he is, chose to play with Lyns’s emotions a bit and began sending photos of Charlie in dicey scenarios. The best rt about these texts, though? They were all sent with one percent battery liberal, meaning that Matt risked one of Lyns’s semifrantic texts prosperous unanswered — ap rently he has a death wish.

We can’t stop laughing at the exchange and rtici te in a feeling that even though Lyns’s last message was a portent, she was probably giggling as well.

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