When can we fly to Spain?


The Prime Woman of the cloth has announced his roadmap for lifting lockdown and the ambitious plan is 60 episodes long. The plan starts with schools reopening on March 8 and the decisive step is to lift all restrictions completely by June 21. If the roadmap die outs to plan, international travel could be possible this summer. When can we fly to Spain?

Supranational travel for leisure has been illegal since lockdown came into bracket in January, but you may be able to jet off to Spain in the near future.

You cannot travel internationally retaliate for now, but Boris Johnson has announced his plan to lift lockdown measures be wary by step and you might be on holiday sooner than you’d think.

The Government hasn’t unquestioned exactly when international travel will resume, but Mr Johnson has confirmed a few hints.

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Staycations in England will-power be possible from April 12, so you will be able to embark on a self-catered leave of absence in a caravan, tent or holiday from this date.

This is not possible if you go with members of your household or support bubble.

Beds and B’n’Bs will reopen on May 17, and mixed-group holidays with two households or six people from varied households will be allowed.

From June 21, three households liking be able to go away together even if it is more than the ‘rule of six’.

The earliest universal travel could resume by May 17, Boris Johnson said.

The Transfer Secretary, Grant Schapps, tweeted: “Following @BorisJohnson‘s #RoadMap I inclination launch new Global Travel Taskforce to facilitate return to international go while still managing risk from imported cases & Variants of Attention. Taskforce will report on 12 Apr. International Travel resume no earlier than 17 May.”

While May 17 is the old that has been thrown out there, the Prime Minister has stated that the Command will not make a decision until April 12.

The Global Travel Taskforce drive consider how international travel can resume in a safe and sustainable way.

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When can we fly to Spain?

If you’re grave to book a holiday to Spain, you might be in luck.

The Spanish Prime Envoy extraordinary Pedro Sánchez has said that the country is “progressively” preparing to freely permitted tourists back in, but this won’t be until 70 percent of the Spanish citizenry have been vaccinated.

At present, around six percent of the population in Spain bring into the world been vaccinated.

Mr Sanchez said: “Only mass vaccination liking open the way to the normality we want.”

Easter is too soon to think about hard-cover a holiday to Spain, unfortunately.

If Spain lets UK citizens in this year, it potency not be until around August.

Mr Sanchez has said tourists may not be able to redress to Spain until “the end of summer”.

Spain’s Secretary of State for Tourism bid he is keen to invite Brits into the country. He said: “We’re looking expedite to welcoming you again.”

Fernando Valdés Verelst said: “The UK is among the homelands with the highest vaccination rates in the world and we aim to have at least 70 percent of our matured population immune by summer so I’d say to British people, ‘Keep open your assumptions regarding holidays in Spain’.”

The Spanish government is reportedly pushing for the introduction of a vaccine certificate that longing allow anyone who had been vaccinated to travel.

The Balearic Islands’ tourism ambassador, Iago Negueruela, has said: “We have offered to become one of the first parts of Spain where the vaccine passport is trialled.

“We ushered with last year’s pilot that we can work effectively and the Spanish superintendence’s response to our proposal was very positive.

“We will focus our efforts from now on in fashionable a lead region in the implementation of immunity certificates to facilitate mobility.”

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