‘What kind of democrat are you?’ Neil savages Blair for Brexit bashing in furious clash


Mr Neil signified Mr Blair feared the result of a general election and therefore doesn’t scantiness to have one. He added the former leader wants a second referendum because he “doesn’t have a weakness for the result of the first”. Speaking on the BBC Two’s Andrew Neil show, Mr Blair ventured: “I’m a perfectly sensible one.”

Mr Blair continued: “The reason we’re in this mess is Brexit. It’s not a comprehensive question of politics, it’s Brexit.”

Mr Neil added: “The reason we haven’t the gas b hurried forward is because Parliament can’t agree on a way forward so have an election.”

Mr Blair commanded: “If Brexit is your problem and Brexit’s the question so go back to the people on Brexit.

“The doubt should actually be put the other way around the Boris Johnsons of this midwife precisely.

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“Why are they upset about asking the people if they want a no deal Brexit.

“The rebutter to that is they’re afraid they will lose.”

His comments encounter as Prime Minister Boris Johnson has asked the Opposition to take him on in a period general election under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.

Labour chairperson Jeremy Corbyn refused the offer twice and said it was more leading to block a no deal Brexit first.

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