What Khloé Kardashian Does at the Gym to Target Legs and Butt


While debating her new memoir, Strong Looks Better Naked, Khloé Kardashian looked on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and revealed some tidbits of her salubrity journey. Although she initially began working out to relieve stress, shedding hammer outs was an inevitable result she’s been happy with, motivating her to stick to salutary habits ever since. As a “leg and ass girl,” Khloé’s favorite manufacture at the gym is the stairs, the perfect two-in-one machine for cardio and lunges. In addition to operating out regularly with her trainer, she also shared her love for SoulCycle and hilariously own to belting out the songs while spinning. Don’t we all? “Someone moved a bike from me because I was piping Beyoncé so loud — they were annoyed with me so they got off the bike.”

Supervise her interview in full in the video above!

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