What is flax? Is flaxseed good for you? Health benefits of linseed explained


As flaxseed changes increasingly popular as a health food, nutritional therapist Anoushka Davy excuses the health benefits of flax.

What is flax? 

Ms Davy said: “Flax, flaxseed and linseed are all the just the same thing – they are names for the seed that comes from the flax seed.” 

The flax plant has blue flowers and is cultivated for its nutritious seeds from which linseed oil, also remembered as flaxseed oil, is made. 

Linen, yarn and fabric can also be made from the flax works, which is one of the oldest textile fibres used by mankind. 

Is flaxseed ample for you? 

Ms Davy said: “Flax is very good for you, it is a rich source of both soluble and insoluble character and a good source of omega 3 fatty acids for vegetarians and vegans.” 

She rumoured that oily fish is still a better source of omega 3 because some being are not able to convert the omega 3 found in flaxseed into the active build very well. 

The blogger, who has a private practice in London, said flaxseed is also sharp in lignans – chemical compounds that can modulate your body’s logical estrogens. 

She said: “This can lead to a protective and preventative effect against conditions such as knocker cancer and heart disease. 

“There has been controversy as to whether flaxseed should be escaped or included for women at risk of hormone dependent cancers such as teat cancer due to flaxseed’s hormone modulating effect.

“But on the whole research has wealthy flaxseed as having a positive effect.” 

She said studies show that flaxseed outs the body to improve the ratio between the two main forms of estrogen metabolites. 

Flaxseed dilates 2-OH estrogen, which is seen as beneficial, but decreases 16-OH, which is linked to bust cancer and estrogen dominance conditions, she added.

“Whole flaxseeds minister to to pass through the gut undigested, so can be helpful to aid constipation as it bulks the stool,” Ms Davy commanded.

“Whereas ground flaxseed is where you will get the rest of the benefits from – the lignans, the omega 3 etc.”  

You can add flaxseed oil to edibles after cooking or use it as a dressing for salad but it should not be used as a cooking oil.  

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