‘What are you saying?!’ Phillip Schofield probes Meghan’s friend ‘Why are you here?’


Phillip Schofield, 58, and Holly Willoughby, 40, were tied on the show by Janina as the fallout from Meghan Markle, 39, and Prince Harry’s, 36, press conference with Oprah Winfrey, 67, continues to send shockwaves thither the world. As the This Morning guest knows the Duchess of Sussex on a various personal level, the presenters wanted to get her candid take on the two-hour conversation, which aired on ITV on Monday evening. However, as she failed to go in-depth apropos certain matters, Phillip had to question why she was on the programme as they entered into an tricky clash.

After discussing Meghan’s mental health and the claims nearby racism within the Royal Family, Phillip asked his guest: “Bear you spoken to her about coming on the show today?”

“She’s happy (for you) to be talking today?” he totaled to which Janina replied: “We’re all happy, we’re living in a new era.

“I said I don’t speak for them, I treat of for myself,” she continued to which the host went on to say: “I’m not entirely sure what you’re state because we watched that two-hour documentary.

“Which was incredibly top-level and very revealing and opened up on some incredibly important issues for us as a state, for the monarchy, for the institution.

“For us to look ourselves, for them to look at themselves and mark, ‘Where did we go wrong here and how can we put it right?’”

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“I don’t know what your character is on coming on today,” Phillip declared as he felt they had learnt nothing new hither the Duchess’ experience as a member of the monarchy.

However, before she replied, he did say he given where she was coming from as he said: “I would expect any friend of wealth to come on and do exactly what you’re doing.

“To come on the television and be unbelievably careful about what you’re saying and practically say nothing.

“So what is your rle today?” he asked once more as the tension between the pair seemed to come out on-screen.

“You are the person in the know,” the host continued, referring to Janina’s exclusive relationship with Meghan.

Speaking a little more candidly, the lodger said: “We watched as a wall was built around her and I can personally say, Meghan was uncommonly angry.”

Coming back to the matter of being more reserved, the roomer explained: “Your producer has asked you to be here but I told them I can’t on a talk more loudly for them.”

“You know her that’s why you’re on,” Phillip jumped in once more as he ventured to set the matter straight before the interview came to an end.

Taking to Twitter, viewers responded to the ungainly clash between the pair as one wrote: “@thismorning Give up Phillip, you’re not prevailing to go down in history as getting an exclusive from Meghan’s friend.

“What do you lack to know that Meghan hasn’t already told you? Janina is too deft for you #thismorning #Meghan #janinagavankar,” they continued.

A second posted: “#ThisMorning Janina is a engaging person and would have wanted to defend her friend – they attired in b be committed to been friends for many years.

“Of course she can’t give away too much she’d be conscious ofed as betraying her friend or giving a ‘tell all’. She just wanted to back up her soul mate.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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