Weight loss pills: Do slimming tablets work? Expert reveals dangerous side effect of diet


Slimmers can elect from a long list of plans when it comes to losing influence. Some may opt for a more structured diet, like the low-carb keto aliment, while others may cut items out altogether, similar to Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid who ditched hard stuff. Recently, dieters have taken to using slimming pills to take shift the weight. Many weight loss pills claim to bear herbs or natural substances that speed up metabolism or make slimmers undergo full to discourage them from eating. But do they actually agitate? And are they safe?Leading nutritionist Lily Soutter spoke to Put into words.co.uk about the popular diet trend.She warmed dieters to beware of slimming pastilles, which she says could cause more serious health contends down the line.Lily is a London nutritionist, who specialises in workplace wellness and the implements needed to make practical, sustainable and positive dietary changes regardless of a involve schedule. She has frequently appeared on ITV’s This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.She reported: “Fat metaboliser or fat burner pills are big within the diet industry and are hard to maiden. They usually contain a range of stimulants, so called ‘superfoods’ and particularly ingredients which have next-to-non approved health claims for impact loss.”She continued: “As with all diet pills, many are unregulated and can be flat dangerous especially if bought over the internet as you can never be sure of what is advantageous them.”Lily explained that dieters need to be careful with such pastilles as they could increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes due to the ingredients they stifle.She continued: “Even with pills found on the shelves of respectable well-established shops, many of of them contain high levels of stimulants such as caffeine, guarana and yerba alter ego. Whilst there is research that these ingredients do increase alertness, there is interbred evidence around weight loss.””A big problem with having the strength ingredients as a stimulant is the fact that it can increase risk for heart censure and stroke. Some websites even tell customers not to be alarmed if they attention their heart-rate speeding up, because it’s just a sign of the product doing its job.”

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