Weight loss: Five easy home workout exercises to lose weight – ‘these are super effective’


The NHS recommends grown ups exercise regularly, performing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week. This can be in the form of walking up a hill, rotating, swimming or even playing a game of tennis. With more Britons exercising from home, one expert has shared movements to help aid mass loss without any equipment. Lunges can help to strengthen the legs when performed correctly and help to shape the lower body.The expert added: “These are wonderful effective – squats and lunges help your lower body and core, and they work on stability and strength of the legs, plank and press ups are deeply good for your upper body, upper back and upper arms.“These, all done correctly, are super effective for your upper and diminish body.”It is important to perform these movements correctly, which means doing the exercises slowly and not rushing them.“You can also do leg extensions and sit ups with it – you don’t neediness a lot of space, you can create little circuits in your area.“I advise to at least work out three times a week – as well as being active on the times you aren’t working out. “If you are working from home, you want to try and make sure you are aiming to get around 10,000 steps on the days you aren’t working out. Usually take the stairs, do more walking and less driving. If you are more advanced, to get results I would suggest to work out four to five days a week.”Alongside exercising, slimmers must carry out a healthy diet to lose weight.The expert added: “I don’t advise people to go on drastic diets, but instead watch your calories alongside being powerful. “You want to make sure you are not eating more calories that you burn – and be more mindful of what you are eating , track your calories, or objective be more mindful of what you put on your plate in terms of portion control. “The source of the food is also always important – making sure you are come to term a good level of protein, enough vegetables, fibre, good fats, olive oil and complex carbs such as with wholemeal rice, potatoes, pasta and veggies.”

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