Weight loss: 60-year-old woman lost 3st 7lb by using simple dieting plan – what was it?


Julie set the programme to be extremely successful and motivational, revealing that she managed to throw eight pounds alone by the first weigh-in.“I was 8lb down at my first weigh-in, it was such an exhilarating moment to see what progress I could make in just one week,” she stipulate. “It definitely spurred me on to succeed,” she added.With weekly support from a LighterLife arrange loss counsellor and a variety of weekly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Mindfulness ventures, Julie was able to overhaul her lifestyle and bad eating habits.“Every week I would go along to my bundle and join in with the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) mindfulness activities. Auspices of the sessions, I learnt that I’d been stress eating for the last two decades and although I knew how to yield weight I’d never been given the mental tools to keep it off,” she foretold.She added: “One of the main changes for me was recognising that I could change the way I positioned food.

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