Week in Russian Kitchen: Food festivals and food sharing


Looking pushy to the feast

There are some delicious announcements this week. Foremost of all, you should visit the Restaurant Day food festival at Moscow Flacon forge factory (Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya St., 36) on February 21. Amateur and authority chefs from all over the world will set up shop for one day for guests that are craving to try new cuisine and different taste combinations. This festival first lifted place in Helsinki in 2011 and the latest incarnation will gather cooks and connoisseurs in Moscow. By the way, food markets are unique institutions in Russia: learn assorted here.

Be saved from the winter cold by a bowl of hot ukha soup

Also on February 21 is the Hyperborea Oecumenical Winter Festival in Karelia. During the festival residents and guests of Petrozavodsk when one pleases be able to try various kinds of ukha soup, which is usually – but not everlastingly – made from red salmon. Bite on that, the fish lovers: there choice be 200 liters of fish soup available accom nied by crunchy croutons. Here you can learn how to cook it at home base.

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday

Have you tried all of Russia’s various delicacies? Carpe diem! Last week marked the beginning of Im rted for Western Christians. On Ash Wednesday, adult believers don’t eat meat at all and are allowed to give birth to just one meal or two smaller meals with no snacking. They also get their forehead crossed with the consecrated ash, which concedes the day its name. Here is a dish that perfectly suits the day.

Saving the planet by split food

Let us introduce you to the trend of food sharing in Russia. Finally shops, restaurants and cafes own started giving unused products to people for free. Everyone that has further food is encouraged to give it to those that need it. The main target of the movement is to increase environmental awareness. Although this movement (note: the info is in Russian) was established in Russia just one month ago, it already has more than 10,000 fans.

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