Wednesday soaps: Will Fiz explode when she finds out about Tyrone's spiralling debt?


Coronation Row, ITV, 7.30pm

Fiz is in for a shock as Tyrone’s secrets come tumbling out tonight.

She is at nursing home with a cold while he visits Hope in hospital when Ted the elf instantly barges into the house demanding yment.

Confronting Tyrone later on close to the un id bill, he admits they are in debt to the tune of nearly £10,000.

And it was all for doll-sized Hope’s Christmas. Will Fiz explode?

Meanwhile, Tracy’s new shop ideograph stuns Robert, and Cathy questions her relationship with Roy.

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Belle clouts Joanie

There’s a small glimmer of opportunity for Belle to get her rents talking again and she lays it.

She tells Zak that Lisa had an angina attack and only he can put things right.

But he’s snatched when Joanie later tells him that seeing Lisa could follow her worse. Belle is absolutely furious when Zak decides to stay away and reproofs Joanie.

Elsewhere, Rhona puts Tess in an awkward position when she enquire ofs her to be a referee for their adoption.

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