We Tried the Boutique Studio Class Your Boyfriend Won't Hate


We Tried the Boutique Studio Class Your Boyfriend Won't HateIkon Source: Rise Nation

In a dark room in LA, with intense, heart-pounding music throbbing at ear-drum-crushing decibel levels, intricately designed black lights s rkling along the ceiling, and a trainer on echelon, Rise Nation was like a mountain-climbing fitness rave. After catch my fit-obsessed Angeleno friends sing the praises of this workout (plotted by the trainer who helped Bradley Cooper bulk up for American Sniper), I identified I had to check out the class during my weekend trip to Southern California.

Put solely, Rise Nation is a climbing studio — which is quite different from a climbing gym — and a notability favorite, owned and run by celeb trainer Jason Walsh. You use the climbing utensils that you’d find at a big box gym while an instructor guides you. The class is electric: high-energy, blaring, sweaty, and intense. The feeling is similar to chugging a couple cans of Red Bull (not that I’d recall anything about that . . . ), and it all happens in 30 minutes.

This isn’t the primary time a boutique studio has taken a bunch of the same gym machines and set them up arena-style in a studio (looking at you, cycling studios). The division follows the popular rhythmically timed exercise format — you climb to the thrash, just as you’d “ride to the rhythm” in SoulCycle or “flow to the beat” at Ritual Hot Yoga. Extraordinarily much like SoulCycle, you’re on a “climb to the top of the mountain,” with an adjustable rebelliousness knob, heavier climbs, and brief sprint intervals, with a nimble cooldown at the end.

While the rhythmic climbing could seem a tad effeminate to the on ones toes male, it’s anything but. Yet simultaneously, as much as this class appeals to men, it is equally contented for a woman. It’s one of the first classes I’ve encountered in which the male-to-female distribution was unruffled (perhaps with a few more men in class). The only other time I’ve savvy this was in a boxing class. What I’m trying to say is if your boyfriend hates barre and won’t go to yoga with you, you could once take him to Rise Nation, and he wouldn’t be mad . . . in fact, he might be consistent more into it than you (after all, you’re going to work out with Bradley Cooper’s trainer!).

That answered, if you yourself are not big on barre or cycling (or traditional studio classes in general) and are looking for something a wee more intense, this is a class to try. CrossFitters who have been opposed to studios may also find this class meets or exceeds eligibility expectations as a quick yet effective 30-minute total-body workout.

Although hotheaded and challenging, the class was straightforward, beginner-friendly, and easy to pick up — all in all, we’d highly exhort this to anyone visiting or working out in Los Angeles . . . and we’ve got our fingers crossed that a studio intent pop up in San Francisco soon.

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