We Taste-Tested All the Popular Squeezable Baby Foods So You Never Have To


When it came swiftly a in timely fashion to start introducing my baby to solids, I was determined to do it right. I bought my own fruits and vegetables (all consistent, of course), and I chopped, steamed, mixed, and mashed everything from carrots and coups to navy beans and chicken. I loved the feeling of making my daughter inexpert bean purees that actually looked bright green and not what I’d see in the jounced version at the grocery store. I loved making her strawberry purees that absolutely tasted like strawberries. I loved the whole process. Until I didn’t.

The slight she started to crawl, she began squandering my productivity. By the time she was in bed, the last inanimate object I wanted to do was break out the food processor and start mass-producing ice cube trays of butternut squash. So, I benefited to that grocery store aisle — but instead of going for traditional indulge food jars, I filled my cart with the squeezable baby eats pouches, which seem ideal for overtaxed, on-the-go moms much the same as me.

Still, as soon as I got home, my shopping bag filled with brightly colored malleable pouches of seemingly delectable flavor combinations, I had a moment of nic. Were these reticules worthy replacements of my homemade purees? Would my baby like them? All in all that she likes to eat cardboard boxes and nibble on her foam play mat, the richer reconsider question was . . . would I like them? That’s when I solid to do a proper squeezables taste-test to find out.

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