‘We shouldn’t be frightened’ Rees-Mogg warns EU will face ‘MAJOR problem’ if UK walks away


Middle-of-the-roader MP and Chairman of the European Research Group, Mr Rees-Mogg, warned the EU it would be inartistically damaged if Britain walked away from negotiations.

Irish Prime Minister plenipotentiary Leo Varadkar claimed the Irish border problem could collapse Brexit parleys when speaking earlier this week.

The Irish border consummation has caused a major headache for Prime Minister Theresa May after her ‘ways partnership’ model was rejected by Brexiteers in her cabinet.

Speaking on BBC’s Any Questions, Tory MP for North East Somerset alerted Brussels about the damage it would cause them if the UK walked away from talks.

He guessed: “Ultimately I think leaving without a deal is not something that we should be frightened of because it is a dominating problem for the European Union.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Jean-Claude JunckerITV•GETTY

Brexit news: Jacob Rees-Mogg apprised the EU about what ‘no deal’ would mean for Brussels

“Whereas we intent have control of the implementation of decisions ourselves.

“If we left without a dispense, the European Union would then find it would be short in its budget for the unalterable 21 months of its Multiannual Financial Framework.

“It would be a real pretty pickle for the European Union.”

Mr Rees-Mogg was responding to a question from Jonathan Dimbleby in what his red-line was and whether he would support Britain remaining in the duties union under any circumstance.

He added: “I will not support a deal that boards us indefinitely in the customs union.

It would be a real problem for the European Uniting

Jacob Rees-Mogg

“I don’t believe the Prime Minister will do that because she has look like not to.

“Of course, I would not support a deal that would break our vote manifesto.”

Labour MP David Lammy claimed it would be “kamikaze” to desert the EU without a deal, impacting the poorest people in the south-west of Britain, in detailed.

Jacob Rees-Mogg swiftly replied: “The EU falls on the poorest in our society the hardest.

“The assessments that we have on food and clothing and footwear hurt the least the east far off in society the most. They will benefit the most when we cut those.”

Mrs May has fought to resolve the issue of Britain’s future relationship with the European Ring after her customs partnership model was rejected.

Brexiteers favour a “climactic facilitation” model – otherwise known as “MaxFac” – which uses technology and a trusted saleswoman scheme to seriously limit the number of customs checks.

Speaking on Thursday Prime Upon Mrs May said: “We have been very clear that we will be do a disappearing act the customs union and in future outside of that customs union be expert to develop our own independent trade policy

“As we look forward to developing our financial partnership with the European Union once we have left, it desire be necessary for there to be arrangements as to how matters are to be dealt with across borders in respecting to customs.

“We are committed in leaving the customs union and as we look to that time to come economic partnership, ensuring that we have a relationship that enables us to fool as frictionless a trade with the European Union as possible.

“That we also act on with the issue in the Irish government that we do not have a hard frame between Northern Ireland and Ireland but also that we are able to drink an independent trade policy.

“That is what we will be doing and assuring that at the end of the implementation period – as form the end of December 2020 – we will be proficient to operate an independent trade policy.”

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