We Fawned Over This Hot Super Bowl Ref – Now Hear What He Has to Say!


Including Ryan Reynolds, referee Clete Blakeman was the hot guy to watch at Super Move 50. The 51-year-old lead official (who’s married — sorry, guys) won over enthusiasts during the game with his fit physique, snug striped shirt, and run-of-the-mill handsomeness. Other facts we know about Blakeman: he’s a personal wrong lawyer, he was a backup quarterback at Nebraska in the ’80s, and he lives in Omaha, NE. Followers tweeted their support with hashtags like #rippedref and #hotref. There’s staid a Hot Ref Twitter account, naturally.

And this morning we finally heard from him! Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb lured with Blakeman on the Today show, asking, “Were you astounded? Were you thrilled? Were you embarrassed?” And he replied, “In reality a little bit of all — everything about it.”

See some of our favorite tweets and hot pics of Blakeman in engagement over the years!

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