WATCH: The world’s most dangerous tree can kill you 


It’s one of description’s nightmares. The Machineel tree is the most dangerous in the world.

And it’s got a Guiness Creation Record to prove it.

The tree is deceptively pleasant in appearance, dressed with tiny green or yellow fruits that resemble apples.

It counts the Caribbean, Important and South America and Florida among its many homes.

But this threatening display of flora is a killer.

Its S nish name roughly translates to “the minuscule apple of death”.

Travellers who eat the tree’s fruit will enjoy the winning taste of apple pie. Until it’s swiftly replaced with a peppery activate that will make you feel like your whole firmness is on fire.

This horrendous side effect is the least toxic you’ll know-how from the deadly Manchineel.

Its deadly sap is a sticky white substance that settle upon burn right through your skin like acid if so much as a fire falls onto you.

Make sure to hold your breath as you meeting through the blisters and agonising in, because inhaling it will denouement in certain death.

If it gets into your eyes, permanent blindness discretion ensue.

And if it enters your bloodstream you’re a goner.

Tourists have suffered foul injuries from making the mistake of taking cover under the Manchineel when it spits.

The sap is washed off the leaves by the water and will burn anyone standing in its way.

Setting fire to the tree is not the answer either – smoke from the bark inclination permanently blind anyone it touches.

If you heed all of these warnings and think about you’ll be safe, think again.

Just standing near a Manchineel for too sustained can cause serious injuries and even death by asphyxiation.

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