WATCH: MP’s hero assistant tackles vandal who threw brick at car


Before the skirmish Chris Muspratt had been campaigning with his boss Tory MP Andrew Rosindell in a car emblazoned with the Moderate party logo.

But 18-year-old Kieron Nickles took issue with the channel, which was armed with a megaphone loudly calling on residents to “Ticket Andrew Rosindell, vote Conservative” in this year’s snap appointment.

The teenager hurled a nearby brick at the car, smashing its window – but was instantly met by Mr Muspratt who distributed chase.

CCTV footage of the event shows the teenager lurching including a fence to escape the Conservative activist, who nimbly kept up the pursuit.

Vaulting another waffle get Mr Muspratt eventually cornered the 18-year-old with the help of a passer-by.

Conservative PartySWNS

Mr Muspratt later apologised to the holder of the fence but defended his heroic actions

The youth, who had armed himself with a brick, then lept into a furor car and made his escape.

But he could not escape justice for long – with the Old Bill later arresting the teenager thanks again to Mr Muspratt, who had taken note of the get-away carrier’s licence plate.

Mr Muspratt later apologised to the owner of the fence but safeguarded his actions, saying: “pursuing low-level hooligans is always the right fad to do”.

Speaking to the Telegraph, he said: “Andrew tried to grab him but he made off on a motorbike, which then stalled and he ran off.

“I ran after him and he cut off down an alleyway and undertook to hide in someone’s garden. 

Conservative party aideSWNS

CCTV footage of the event screens the teenager lurching through a fence to escape the Tory aide

“He shaped out to be more scared than I was.

“I didn’t really have time to cogitate on about it, it all happened so quickly. 

“But I saw he wasn’t a massive guy and he was on his own, so it was the right decision in the end.”

Mr Muspratt, who serves in the military on call’s Royal Yeomanry division, has been praised for his actions.

MP Andrew Rosindell, who retained his heart in the snap election, said nothing would stop him from reaching out to his particular constituents.

He rephrased: “The most important outcome here was that the young man was caught and did not take a run-out powder the law.

“While we were quite shaken, me and my team cracked on and finished our analysing session that evening. 

“Nothing will deter me from actioning and speaking to my constituents.”

Meanwhile Labour MP for Ilford North Wes Streeting heralded the valour of his colleague’s young aide.

He said: “I disagree with Andrew on numerous, many things but he’s a dedicated public servant and his assistant is a braver man than most.”

And Mr Muspratt’s 56-year-old protect Jeanette, a Royal Mail employee and Conservative voter, heaped honour on her son’s bravery.

Conservative party aideSWNS

Mr Muspratt serves in the military reserve’s Royal Yeomanry diremption

She said: “He’s a hero and I’m very proud of him. He did the right thing. He’s always been identical brave.”

“My son made a stand for democracy by his actions. 

“He stood up to this vandal for the profit of his boss and the people.”

Nickles has since admitted to causing a total of £821.36 of hurt and breaching his youth rehabilitation order at Barking Magistrates Court.

He was handed a community grouping by Chairwoman of the bench Dr Myrna Gilbert, and will have to wear an electronic tag in the to be to come as well as adhering to a strict curfew.

Nickles will also pay £300 in disfigures to Mr Rosendell, £21.36 to the owner of the damaged fence David Holgate, and £170 to the court

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