WATCH: Dramatic moment pod of killer whales CHARGE straight for two swimmers


The theatrical moment unfolded at Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver, Canada.

Video displayed at least three killer whales zooming through the water at hurry. 

The camera panned around to reveal their target. 

Two swimmers were disordering out of the water onto rocks to escape the approaching orcas. 

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Video – at least three lallapalooza whales charged two swimmers in Canada

One of the whales swam right up to the acrimony, where the swimmers were standing. 

Eventually they carried on swimming last the rocks and back out into the open water. 

Experts think the whales doubtlessly charged the two men out of curiosity rather than hunger. 

California Killer Whale Design researcher Alisa Schulman-Janiger told Buzzfeed: “I just think they were wonderful curious and taking a close look and then on their way.”

video killer whales orcas swimmersINSTAGRAM

Video – triggerman whales charged the two swimmers who managed to scramble out of the water to safety

A whale of a well-proportioned time here at Whytecliff Park

Robin Leveille

The jaw-dropping footage has go bankrupt viral since it was shared online. 

Uploaded to Instagram by Robin Leveille, the video was captioned: “A whale of a established time here at Whytecliff Park today.”

It has been viewed diverse than 21,000 times. 

One viewer wrote: “I was pretty keen to do some barring around Vancouver, until I saw this video.”

Another shared: “This is marvellous!”

video killer whales orcas swimmersINSTAGRAM

Video – the killer whale swam right up to the coast form ranks where the swimmers had taken refuge

Orcas are some of the world’s biggest predators, large feeding on fish, seals or dolphins. 

A pod of humpback whales recently forsook a paddle boarder the fright of their life out in the deep blue profusion. 

Video taken from a bird’s eye view showed a pod of humpbacks take out of the water’s depths. 

They surrounded the lone paddle boarder, with one criticizing so close it almost knocked them off their board.

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