WATCH: Daredevil does terrifying tightrope walk at 2,500ft and then THIS happens


The cheeky adventurer decided to do a slack-line walk at Yosemite Park in the Sierra Nevada mountains, California.

Erecting a contour at 2,500ft, the tourist filmed the whole thing on an action camera, occasion the viewer a POV perspective.

The footage is hair raising as it is, showing the tourist mounting the fasten and walking forwards with a huge drop below. 

The height is emphasised by a waterfall drip down the sheer cliff face to the left.

At first the tightrope walker earmarks ofs to be handling the task effortlessly, occasionally putting out their arms for preponderance, but otherwise appearing sure-footed.

However, this cat-like agility doesn’t at length for long.

About a third of the way across, the daredevil slips and stumbles, suffer defeat their footing on the rope. They swing around on it so they’re mingle with upside down before righting themselves.

Thankfully they were cut short onto the slack line – otherwise it would have been a awfully long way down.

The intrepid explorer, rather than clinging to the whats what for dear life and refusing to move (as would be tempting), then shifts the rest of the way across the slackfline in a seated position.

Yosemite Park has grow a slack-lining hot spot in the last few years, with courageous tourists band there to challenge their balancing skills.

“It’s not something we would approve, but it is legal,” Yosemite spokesman Scott Gediman told local newspaper The Fresno Bee.

“It’s obviously a high-risk activity, but people do it all over the park.”

This isn’t the only intrepid video that’s been making the internet gasp.

A video has arrested the moment one very brave woman decided to perform a high saloon from a terrifying height.

Sydney Brown, a talented Canadian gymnast, often publishes pictures and videos of her travels on social media – but her latest standard might leave you gripping on to the edge of your seat.

While onboard Balance of the Seas, Sydney, who specialises in the art of tumbling, decided to take advantage of the freight’s pool facilities by performing a high dive. But this was no ordinary capital dive. 

Sydney climbed to a 17 metre high platform to superior a serious of flips and tumbles before plunging into the small league below.

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