WARNING: Free bank accounts to END, warns IMF in yet ANOTHER blow to hard-working Britons


Directed the current system, most providers offer free banking armed forces, because it provides a platform to sell customers lucrative products such as mortgages, tribute cards and loans.

But rock-bottom interest rates and falling demand for honesty could make this model less viable in economies such as the UK, according to the Washington-based supply.

If growth and rates continues to stay relatively low, banks are likely to become product fees, predicted the fund.

In an investigation on a continued low interest grade global economy the IMF said: “Banking in advanced economies may evolve toward accoutrement of fee-based and utility services.”

The IMF sounded the alarm on low growth, low productivity and low provoke rates linked to ageing populations.

Officials said demographic swaps in the likes of Britain, Europe and the US are likely to mean the end of generous final income pension schemes and higher demand for health insurance plans.

In such an medium “credit demand would likely be lower whereas household need for transaction services would likely rise,” said the IMF.

The IMF added: “Ageing disposition increase demand for health and long-term-care insurance and low asset returns would accelerate the transformation to defined-contribution private pension plans.”

Banks could avoid charging for banking, if they step into the shoes of examples in Japan to increase profits by selling more investment and sprightliness insurance products, said the IMF.

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