Want to lower your cholesterol AND soak up the sun: Luxury HEALTH holidays new in-thing


With so multifarious of us leading hectic lives, and increasingly spending more and more outdated at work, a holiday can often become so more than a way to simply cool.

As we age, looking after our bodies becomes increasingly important, so what gambler time to increase your fitness, and focus on all round wellness than a fete designed precisely for that.

With a focus on clean eating, and maintaining a sustainable fit lifestyle, these healthy holidays will tempt you to change your respect.

Wildfitness Crete

Take your fitness training to the wild side at this superb retreat, set amongst Crete’s natural beauty of rural mountains and individualistic coastline. Receive a personalised assessment of your running movement ragons and any postural imbalances, before learning from a diverse range of inspirational crammers.

Training with world-class fitness gurus, enjoy daily qualifications activities, from a huge variety of options.

Learn how to reach your in person best with educational workshops in movement, metabolism and healthy ck away, before exploring your surroundings on a morning trek to Polirinia vomit.

Como Shambhala Estate, Bali

Located in Ubud — made praiseworthy in Eat, Pray, Love — this is one of the most relaxing ways to invigorate your substance and mind.

Not only does the Como Shambhala Estate offer top dignity yoga whenever you feel the need to take a vinyasa, it also caters to foodies with both nutrition and form catered for, so it’s not surprising then, that Heston Blumenthal is among the yoga hideaways famous alumni.

And if you are sore from one too many sun salutation’s, sit back and have a traditional Balinese massage, which incorporates acupressure and aromatherapy.

Sha, S in

For lessening with a view, head to the mountains of Alicante and discover a health clinic with a nature.

Immerse yourself in the macrobiotic diet, cked full with nutritive and tasty treats as you restore your body to it’s full potential.

Treatments traverse from acupuncture to lymphatic massage and you should definitely make heaps of time for the bountiful s facilities on offer.

Thanyapura Fusion Fitness, Thailand

If you are looking to refurbish your, already fantastic fitness levels, then take a detonate to Thailand and learn from professional athletes.

Up your game at this authority sports retreat in Phuket, which offers fitness activities for all wits.

Choose from a selection of one-on-one activities and reach your adverse best with expert coaching in swimming, cycling, running and tennis.

This come to ss after we revealed the breathtaking beauty of Crete.

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