Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson raises ‘important issue’ of discrimination on holiday


Richard Branson: Virgin LGBTGETTY

Richard Branson: The Virgin under has raised the issue of discrimination on holiday

A whopping 84 per cent of spruce couples are at ease showing affection to a partner abroad – in fact, the the greater part are even more affectionate than when at home. 

This encounters in stark contrast to LGBT+ travellers; just one in twenty feel satisfied openly showing affection with a loved one whilst abroad. 

Sir Richard Branson articulate: “At Virgin Holidays, we believe everyone, regardless of their sexual training or gender identity, has the right to be whoever they are, wherever they are.  

“That’s why it is sickening that in today’s society some of us can’t even enjoy a simple recess without fear of discrimination. 

Richard Branson: Virgin bossGETTY

Richard Branson: The founder believes everyone has the unerringly to be at ease on holiday

It’s fantastic that Virgin Holidays are raising awareness all this important issue

Richard Branson

“It’s fantastic that Virgin Fetes are raising awareness around this important issue.”

A third of LGBT rubberneckers admitted they feared judgement from hotel staff and profuse than half have had their relationship status questioned. 

This has occurred in eight out of ten couples refusing to hold hands on holiday at all, with various than half refusing to hold hands in the comfort and safety of their hotel.

Joe Thompson, Managing Cicerone at Virgin Holidays, said: “Holidays should be relaxing, fun and full of escapade. Unfortunately for LGBT+ people this still isn’t always the case. 

“We want everyone to yield on the world and that’s why we’re working with one of the biggest issues driven publishers to pick up to raise awareness of the issues faced by LGBT+ travelers on holiday, and to mtier with our partners abroad, to give customers the best experience reachable.”

In 2016 Virgin Holidays unveiled a three-year plan to become one of the friendliest LGBT trains in travel with a plan that focused on empowering staff, drilling customers and influencing suppliers.

This year the tour operator has pinpointed on using its influence to advance LGBT+ equality in conservative regions such as the Caribbean.

At the Caribbean Hoteliers and Tourism Camaraderie Conference in Miami the travel company convened close to 100 of the most significant industry stakeholders, and laid out the argument for LGBT inclusion.  

Despite the Caribbean accepting some repressive laws, the Association has agreed to establish its first-ever labour group to address LGBT issues in the region.

The most recent partnership with issues-driven content publisher ATTN: has been circulated as part of the overall business objective to better educate customers fro the issue, and encourage positive change to tackle discrimination.

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