Violent thug fed through hatch


The 30-year-old vocation criminal was last week convicted of his 12th house raid and has been hit with 120 disciplinary booms while behind bars.

The thug, who has been locked up 11 times since 2001, is now being held in weighty security Portlaoise Prison.

McGarry is currently serving a four-year verdict for holding a knife to a woman’s throat during a brutal house plunder.

He has 24 previous convictions, 12 of which are for burglary and is considered to be one of Ireland’s most rickety inmates.

A Prison Officer’s Association source told The Sun: “He is one of the most harsh inmates in the whole system – they have to feed him through a devise because he’s so dangerous.

“Staff have to be extremely careful when they’re huge quantity with him and he’s an example of the challenges prison officers face on a daily main ingredient.”

During a recent appearance in court McGarry was flanked by five correctional institution officers in riot gear, one of which was recording him with a video camera.

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