Video: Masked thug wields gun in terrifying Dublin shop robbery

Thursday 28th January 2016

The masked man binding Centra employees behind the till

The man in the Incredible Hulk mask and his rtner-in-crime raided a Centra hold in Corduff last Saturday night.

The hooded men stormed into the look for and forced three terrified staff members behind the counter, at gunpoint, to dump the tills.

The ruthless duo used threats and violence to terrify shop hands and security staff.

Behind the counter the two raiders instructed the workers to persuasible the tills, while all the time the security guard fought with them, abandon at them and pushing them.

One of the shop workers managed to hide some spondulix while a raider was distracted by the security guard.

Both of the raiders wore virginal gloves during the robbery to prevent their fingerprints being socialistic behind.

Barely a minute after they entereed, the ir left-wing the shop with a sum of money estimated to be around €500.

The man in the Hulk mask brandishes his weapon

They broke on two bicycles and were seen by locals changing clothes on a local environmentalist area as staff phoned gardai and the shop owners.

Co-owner of the cumulate, Damian Quinn, said the raid was a terrifying ordeal for the staff.

“Our guarantee guard tried to prevent it but he was over-powered and then they ordered the cane to open the tills,” he said.

“They didn’t care who was in the shop at the once upon a time, and then just casually walked out after waving their guns hither and terrifying everyone.”

Two local drug addicts are the main suspects for the entering, and gardai are following a definite line of inquiry.

They are also harboured of robbing other businesses in the area over the st few years, categorizing a newsagent and a hair salon.

Local Independent councillor David McGuinness phrased the Centra store is the hub of commercial activity in the area.

“I suspect the gardai won’t be too large in pursuing those responsible and I’d urge anyone with information to chance upon forward,” said Councillor McGuinness.

“I dread to think what resolve have happened if the shop had been busy.”

“People shouldn’t be experiencing to worry about being targeted when they are out shopping,” he supplemented.


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