VIDEO: Gangland figures among the mourners at David Byrne's funeral

Monday 15th February 2016

In the district of 500 mourners attended the funeral at the church of St Nicolas of Myra on Francis Way in Dublin 8, which began at 12.30pm.

‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson

David Byrne, 34, was snort dead during a boxing weigh-in at the Regency Hotel in the north of the town on February 5 by a six-strong gang, some armed with assault pillages.

Murder squad detectives believe his murder was retaliation for the shooting benumbed of Gary Hutch on the Costa del Sol last September.

Byrne’s killing was avenged three hours later with the murder in his Dublin home of Eddie Hutch, 55, confrere of suspected armed robber Gerry Hutch, known as the Monk.

This afternoon lots of people lined the narrow grounds and the street outside as the American-style chest holding Byrne’s body was shouldered st the crowd this afternoon.

Stomach, Fr Niall Coghlan spoke about Mr Byrne’s brutal death, affirming for a person to carry out such an act in cold blood they would require to be dehumanised.

He also questioned whether the killers would have hurriedly Mr Byrne if they saw a film of his life – which would have take the rted him as both a loving rtner and father.

The funeral Mass ended sharply after 2pm, and the funeral cortege then started to make its way to Mount Jerome Cemetary.

Eight young men in deep blue suits, blue shirts and dark blue ties had earlier maintained the coffin into the church. It is understood that the predominant blue tinting was a reference to a sporting team supported by Mr Byrne.

Liam Roe

A lone piper pieced a lament while a large floral tribute with a picture of Mr Byrne at its focus was also carried in.

Byrne, a father of two, lived in Crumlin and was said to compel ought to been associated with an international drugs gang operating out of the south of S in.

There was a important garda presence at the funeral, with officers keeping press photographers and videographers all round 150 metres from the church gates which are locked.

Banners on the gates of the church said no photography or audio or video recordings intention be permitted within the church grounds.

Francis Street itself was away to traffic while the funeral was underway, while a number of business presuppositions on the street remained closed.

At around 12.20pm approximately one dozen limousines had liberal Mr Byrne’s home at Raleigh Square, Crumlin and made their way slowly to the church.

The avenue for the funeral cortege had been agreed in advance with gardai straightening up along the road from Crumlin to Francis Street.

Another faction of young men, also attired in blue, had headed the cortege along St Francis High road behind the lone piper.

There were three horse haggard carriages, carrying floral tributes, one of which was designed in the shape of a engage in fisticuffing ring.

Some of Mr Byrne’s relatives are from the Liberties around the Francis High road rish.

Uniformed gardai were on duty on streets in the area from premature morning following Sunday’s security sweeps in the church and along the convey the cortege was to take.

The bomb squad was called in to carry out some of the discontinuities.

Several units of armed detectives were on foot on the narrow rows around the church.

Additional heavily armed teams from the Crisis Response Unit circled the area in cars and 4x4s before and during the bulk. The Garda helicopter was deployed overhead.

It is believed Daniel Kinahan and his chum Christy Junior were among the mourners after flying into Dublin Airport last tenebriousness.

Their father is Christy Kinahan senior, 58 and originally from Dublin’s south inner bishopric – who was arrested in a mansion in S in in 2010 as rt of an investigation into an ecumenical drugs and money laundering racket. Kinahan senior has not been commanded.

Byrne’s funeral cortege

Son Daniel, who manages boxers out of the MGM Marbella gym, had been in the Regency for the weigh-in when the hit unit struck in front of hundreds of people.

Gardai have said they are detaining an open mind over suspected dissident republican involvement in the hotel destruction.

The Kinahans are understood to be embroiled in a bitter feud with the Hutch people which turned bloody last September when Gary Hutch was incentive dead in S in.

He was a nephew of the latest gangland victim Eddie Hutch and also Gerry Hutch.

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