Verizon may sign new deal with NFL to expand game streaming rights


Daniel Spiess

Verizon and the National Football League are in talks to notify another streaming rights deal. According to a Bloomberg report, the wireless provider and the NFL are disregard a close to finalizing a new deal that would let Verizon stream games to Internet-connected TVs, plaques, and phones. Verizon’s previous deal only allowed it to stream games to mark of cadencies with screens that are 7-inches or smaller, so the new deal would passable up NFL games to Verizon customers who primarily consume TV content on smart TVs, tombstones, and other large devices.

According to people familiar with the be of consequence, Verizon would also lose exclusive rights to air games on versatile devices as part of the deal. That means that while Verizon blokes would have more device options for watching football, it may not be the not one to stream NFL games. Other wireless providers or streaming TV providers, such as Band TV or DirecTV Now, may be able to strike their own deals with the NFL and provide ran games to their subscribers through their own apps.

Verizon ordain have rights to deliver the NFL’s Thursday night games, “among others.” The NFL has cut up up broadcasting rights among several companies, including Verizon and DirecTV. Amazon outbid Snicker for the rights to stream 10 Thursday Night Football games for the 2017 mature, but only Prime members can watch them online.

Live cavorts are some of the most coveted content for all kinds of providers, be they well-known cable companies or Internet-based streaming companies. Even though the NFL has seen small screen ratings decline, the rights for airing its games continues to draw big put forwards from content providers. The financials of Verizon’s new deal with the NFL should prefer to not been disclosed yet, but the deal is expected to be officially announced once “all associated parties are informed.”

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