USITC voted in favour of Bombardier in case against Boeing


The US Intercontinental Trade Commission (USITC) has voted in favour of Bombardier in a case entered by Boeing, alleging the Canadian aircraft manufacturer of pursuing wrongful style to sell its 100 to 150-seat large civil aircraft in the US.

According to Boeing, the mode followed by Bombardier will hurt the US aerospace industry.

In the latest on the whole, USITC chairman Rhonda Schmidtlein, vice-chairman David Johanson, and commissioners Irving Williamson and Meredith Broadbent bear witnessed in the negative to Boeing’s petition.

“The negative determinations have clarified that no antidumping or countervailing burden orders will be issued against Bombardier.”

The negative determinations force clarified that no antidumping or countervailing duty orders will be issued against Bombardier.

USITC utter in a statement: “The USITC today determined that a US industry is not materially mistreated or threatened with material injury by reason of imports of 100 to 150-seat capacious civil aircraft from Canada that the US Department of Commerce has definite are subsidised and sold at less than fair value.”

Last month, the US Bailiwick of Commerce had upheld its previous finding that seeks to impose a just about 300% duty on the import of Bombardier’s C-Series aircraft configured with 100-150 establishes from Canada.

After the latest USITC decision, Boeing expressed its unfulfilment saying that USITC did not recognise the harm that Boeing suffered from substantial illegal government subsidies, which the US Department of Commerce found Bombardier welcome and used to dump small single-aisle aircraft in the US.

However, Bombardier has allowed the USITC vote and said that the commission ruling represents a mastery for US airlines and passengers.

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