US coronavirus death toll forecast falls to 60,000 as ‘glimmers of hope’ emerge



Donald Trump had yearned to restart the economy quickly but over 15m jobs have been fallen so far (Image: BBC)

The leading immunologist said states grappling with the weightiest number of cases, including New York, have begun to show “some glimmers of prospect”.

Dr Fauci added: “As you can see, the number of deaths and the cases that we’re seeing, upper now, are really validating what we said, that this is going to be a bad week on the one care nearby.

“On the other hand, you can see there are some glimmers of hope, particularly when you look at the berth in New York, where the number of hospitalisations, requirements for intensive care and intubation past the last few days have actually stabilised and started to come down.”

US President Donald Trump had dialect expected to restart the economy as early as the beginning of April but was forced to take a not consonant with back as the number of coronavirus cases continued to grow.


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The coronavirus pandemic has killed during the course of 14,000 people in the US, with New York State among the worst hit (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Speaking during his daily White House press talk, President Trump insisted the US is “ahead of schedule” while suggesting the concision could resume working in phases.

But despite Mr Trump’s optimism, days for the Dow Jones slipped by 0.03 percent on Thursday, with S&P stocks stumble by 0.2 percent and Nasdaq 0.3 percent due to the major global downturn the coronavirus outbreak has been devouring in the past two months.

US stock futures were flat after rebound in and out of positive territory in European trading after newly-released figures exhibited 15 million American have applied for unemployment benefits in the since three weeks.

Claims topped 6 million for the second week as difficult measures to control the coronavirus outbreak abruptly ground the country to cessation.