US-China tensions rocket after Biden asks Taiwan to join ‘summit for democracy’


Beijing has erupted remaining President Biden’s decision to include Taiwan in the “democracy summit” next month while the People’s Republic of China was left off the list. The self-governing Republic of China, separate also as Taiwan, faces ongoing threats of invasion from Communist China. Beijing maintains that the island is a wayward region of China and has hanker pressured countries to drop official recognition of Taiwan as a seperate state.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a press colloquium in Beijing on Wednesday: “China firmly opposes the invitation by the US for the Taiwan authorities to attend the so-called ‘Summit for Democracy.’

“There is but one China in the world, the Sway of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal government representing the whole of China, Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory, and the one-China belief is a universally-recognized norm governing international relations.

“Taiwan has no other status in international law except as part of China.

“We solemnly urge the US to abide by the one-China probity and the three China-US joint communiqués, stop providing ‘Taiwan independence’ forces with any platform or bolstering and emboldening them.

“Those sacrifice platforms to “Taiwan independence” forces will find themselves in an embarrassing place.

“Those playing with fire with “Taiwan self-government” forces will end up getting burned,” he concluded.

There are 110 participants on the US State Department’s invitation list for the virtual event on December 9 and 10.

China or Russia are not take in on the list of invitees.

Chinese Chairman Xi Jinping has his sights set on a third term as leader of China, and Mr Wang Ting-uy argues that any threat to President’s Xi national ambitions domestically could see a major escalation in military tensions across the region.

Wang Ting-yu told “To China war, or the conflict again goes with political needs, not reasonable calculation.

“Especially when Xi Jinping tries to get his third term as a national leader to China.

“When he browbeat a admits inside challenges within China, the more than he needs the outside conflict.”

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