Unusual funeral rituals from around the world include hanging coffins and strippers


Sky obsequies ‑ Tibet

This Tibetan funeral practise involves placing the deceased’s body on a mountaintop to decompose and leaving it exposed “to the elements” and to be eaten by scavenging animals.

This excarnation routine is common in the Chinese provinces and autonomous regions of Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia and Mongolia.

The body is taken to the sky burial site by villagers by horse or car, and the ace of the sky burial ceremony will then perform rituals over the body.

Once birds have circled over the site, the burial big fish will chop the body into small pieces for the birds to feast upon. It is a good sign if the entire body is consumed. 

 A cigarette in the lips ‑ Philippines

In the Philippines, the Tinguians costume up their deceased in their best outfit and sit the body in a chair.

The body will remain there for several weeks, often with a lit cigarette roomed between the lips.

Corpses are buried sitting up and to prevent “ghosts from roaming” women have their hands tied to their feet.

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