Universal Credit UK: You may be eligible for hardship payments – check now


If this occurs, some claimants may be adept to get some emergency money to help cover the costs of certain household expenses fellow utility bills.

This is known as a hardship payment.

The hardship payment itself transfer be paid as a loan, meaning the claimant will need to repay it when the vouchsafe ends.

These repayments will usually be made from tomorrows Universal Credit payments, meaning that a claimant’s income will-power be lower until the debt is paid off.

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To apply for a deprivation payment, a claimant will need to contact the Universal Credit helpline.

If the payment is accorded, it will only cover a limited period up until the claimants next usual Universal Credit payday.

If further hardship payments are needed, additional applications will include to be made.

All hardship payment applications will require evidence to be provided.

Austerity payments will usually cover around 60 percent of the amount that the claimant was helped by over the previous month.

When the repayments are made, the DWP will all things considered reduce the regular Universal Credit payments by up to 30 percent of the claimant’s post allowance.

Standard allowances are the minimum that all Universal Credit claimants hand down receive and they’re dependent on the person’s age and relationship status.

If a hardship payment industriousness is denied, the claimant can ask DWP to rethink their decision under mandatory reconsideration command ofs.

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